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Meditation is Recreation

I am not against sex, and I am not saying drop sex. I am just saying understand it, meditate over it – don’t just go on making love in an unconscious way – and that will become your greatest meditation. … Continue reading

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Meditation Is Oneness

That’s why sex has got so much appeal. You become one in a moment, but in that moment you are unconscious, and you seek that unconsciousness. But the more you seek, the more conscious you become. Then sex becomes absolutely … Continue reading

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Meditation Is Freedom

If life goes naturally, beautifully, if there are no life-negative teachers, if there are no politicians and priests to distract you – then nearabout the age of forty-two, exactly as sexual maturity comes, comes meditation maturity. Nearabout the age of … Continue reading

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Releasing Sexual Energy

When sexual energy isn’t flowing as it should, it creates many problems. If the sexual energy is flowing perfectly well then everything hums rightly, everything remains in accord. Then you are simply in tune and there is a kind of … Continue reading

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