Meditation Is Pure Consciousness.

Meditation Is Pure Consciousness.

“The meditation I am talking about is not a meditation on something: rather, it is a state of meditation. So this is what I mean when I am talking to you about meditation as a state. Meditation does not mean remembering someone. Meditation means to drop everything which is in one’s memory and to come to a state where only consciousness remains, where only awareness remains. “If you light a lamp and remove all the objects surrounding it, the lamp will still go on giving light. In the same way, if you remove all objects from your consciousness, all thoughts, all imagination, what will happen? – only consciousness will remain. That pure state of consciousness is meditation. You don’t meditate on somebody. Meditation is a state where only consciousness remains. “When only consciousness remains without an object, that state is called meditation. I am using the word meditation in this sense. “What you practice is not meditation in the real sense; it is only a concept. But meditation will happen on its own through this. Try to understand that what you are practicing at night, exercises involving the chakras, and in the morning, exercises involving the breath, is all a discipline, it is not meditation. Through this discipline a moment will come when the breath will seem to have disappeared. Through this discipline a moment will come when the body seems to have disappeared and thoughts have also disappeared. What will remain when everything has disappeared? That which remains is meditation. When everything has disappeared, that which is left behind is called meditation.” Osho, The Path of Meditation, Talk #6

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  • Anurakti

    love and light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • madhu

    thank u very much doing wonderfull job

  • Claus

    Thanks for making things happen,for people to free themselves,for enjoying the moment………peace on you.

  • http://- sri.yuvarajan

    hi , i am would like to know some thing , can i ask ?
    a few year a ago ( 1-2 years a ago ) i am always meditating even in my rest time in working place ,, but why i cannot focus or sit for while or i dont have any gods or divine feeling right nows after my 1st kundali ( healing ) made to me from one of special or non special healer .. did i lost my power or somebody took it from me ?

    help me , please .

    i dont wish to live like this ! please help me …. show me some way

    • http://Yahoomail Sham

      whatever feelings, good or not you just have to watch them as a 3rd person, whn beingness remains, meditation is thr.

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  • Umesh Mishra

    I know OSHO from the time he was professor philosophy in University of Jabalpur in M.P. state India.
    Meditation is the to reach to the real self in me and to awake HIM . Please send me all the updates.

  • Rakesh

    like reading,lisening and dancing with OSHO

  • Jerri Lynn Silver

    So when my breathing slows to the point of almost being nonexistent, that is normal? Even the mantra disappears and it feels like “I” am expanding outside of the body…is that what you mean?

  • kokila

    everyday im practising confident one day i wl achieve the state what OSHO means by meditation…